Our company provides a full range of production and processing equipment for Guangzhou LBW Catering company  [2013-6-25] (Hist1142)
Our company provides the Production equipment of the Central Kitchen for Foshan KLYC company  [2013-6-25] (Hist1438)
Ourcompany offered the mustard processing line for the Japanese-funded enterprises WCSP  [2013-6-25] (Hist1005)
Our company provide guangzhou JFCL peeling and cutting equipment  [2013-6-25] (Hist1013)
Our company provide henan KSF a lot of big brush peeling machines  [2013-6-25] (Hist1116)
Offer Production Line for HY Meat Processing Factory  [2012-10-26] (Hist1023)
Malaysia XHJ World Wide Trading Company Ordered Two Containers Vegetable Cleaning and Peeling Machine  [2012-10-26] (Hist1244)
Our Company Offer Potato Cleaning Production Line for Cyprus customer  [2012-10-26] (Hist1266)
Onion washing and cutting processing line was customized by Kenyan customers.  [2012-9-19] (Hist1202)
We supplied Yangchun No.4 Middle School with vegetable washing and cutting equipment  [2012-9-19] (Hist1083)
Meat processing line for Foshan Y.D Food Manufactory, the line is including large scale meat cutter, meat grinder, meat mixer, and conveyor. The output is 1500kgs/h.  [2012-9-19] (Hist1305)
We supplied Hangzhou XHCT Management Co., with two multi-functional dicephalous vegetable cutters and conveyors, Greatly improve the production efficiency.  [2012-9-19] (Hist1037)
Egyptians customers customized a vegetable and fruit production line.  [2012-9-19] (Hist1102)
Thanks for Bulgarians customers’ order —— Potato processing line.  [2012-9-19] (Hist1038)
Continuous vegetable washing equipment is customizable by South Africans.  [2012-9-17] (Hist1071)
Vegetable and fruit production line, be customizable by Sudanese customers.  [2012-9-17] (Hist1141)
We sincerely provide Austrian customers garlic processing line.  [2012-9-17] (Hist2617)
Russia Aquatic products Import and Export Corporation need to process lots of fish meat and fish meat.  [2012-9-15] (Hist1241)
We supplied Y.H Restaurant Management Co., with series of vegetable washing equipment, cookers , fume purification equipment, and refrigeration equipment, etc.  [2012-9-15] (Hist1356)
We supplied them with a complete set of vegetable processing line.  [2012-9-15] (Hist983)
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