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Name:Luxurious bubble vegetable washing machine with ozone system QX-22 Model:QX-22

Name: Luxurious bubble vegetable washing machine with ozone system
Product Details
Name: Luxurious bubble vegetable washing machine with ozone system
Material: Stainless steel
Type: QX-22                                       QX-32
Power source: 380v/ 50Hz                           380v/ 50Hz
Power:        1.5KW                                          2.5KW
Dimension: 2350×1000×1300mm             3350×1000×1300mm
Package size: 2460*890*1550mm
Net weight: 160kg
Gross Weight: 259kg

Note: Shenghui Bubble Vegetable Washing Machine, one machine has triplet-state washing.

They are including circulating surfing, bubble washing, and high pressure spraying. The speed

for conveyor can be regulated according to customers’ requirement.

Whole machine’s body is over lock device, elegant appearance, work excellent. It is the most

advanced washing equipments.

    suitable for leaf vegetables and Chinese herbs’ washing and cleaning, purifying, transportation.

Applying to vegetable cleaning processing factory, large-scale food distribution center.

working principle:
    Bubble Vegetable washing Machine adopts high pressure to make the bubble, circulating

surfing, bubble washing, and high pressure spraying. Separating silt, impurities, intercepted by

vat-net of elevator shape. Supplying water continuously, and adjustable. 


   By now, ozone has characteristics of broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, high-speed, safety, no

secondary pollution sterilization gas. And it can kill bacterial spore, virus, fungi, it can also

undermine the meat toxin. Ozone device can kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella,

Aspergillus flavus, Fusarium, Iceland Penicillium, the black variant of Bacillus, natural bacteria,

Neisseria gonorrhoeae which attached to the fruit, vegetable and meat. Ozone can also kill

hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and other transmitted virus, Beside, it can clean the toxicity of the

fruit and vegetable and the detergent residues.

Its Sterilization Working Principle:

The cell membrane were damage till death.

Antivirus principle:

To damage to the RNA or DNA directly.

Principle for degradation pesticides:

to destroy the chemical bond then achieve it.

Ozone can kill viruses and bacteria, and healthy cells with a strong balance system, so ozone is

harmless to our body.

You can match the machines with how many sets you want. Also connecting them to be a processing line.

If you need large output, just need to connect one or more that do not need to change the equipments for large output. Its output can be one ton for one hour, two tons for one hour or more you like.

Research and development absolutely by ourselves, made from manufactory, best quality and good after-sale service.


Widening design for the water channel, more practical !

To choose the best grade button switches with water proof device. Every detail can prove the good quality for the product.


Electric box and the protective cover was adopt sealing design, best quality is everything. It can works well even if in the bad environment.


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