Argentinean and Chilean cherries invade the European Union
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Countries like United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and France import cherries from South America, where Chile and Argentina are leaders in the exporting market for this fruit. It's estimated that Chile exports about 35,000 tons of cherry every year, while Argentina sends about 3,500 tons. meatball machine

Despite the smaller amount, the export of Argentinean cherries registered an exponential growth during the last decade, multiplying their sales by ten. According to the local producers, the boom is due to a series of factors that benefit the Argentinian production.

Gabriel Ruiz, from "Consorcio de Exportacin de Cerezas del Virch", in the city of Trelew (Chubut province), said to BBC World that Argentina takes advantage of being one of the few countries that produces cherries in December.

To Alejandro Zimmermann, executive director for "Southern Crops", one of the biggest producers of cherry in Argentina, the exports will keep growing, since the country has a lot of advantages in harvesting this fruit. "Argentina has a privileged climate for this fruit, because cherry needs a cold climate, dry and with much sun to grow", he added to BBC World.

According to Zimmermann, the region of Patagonia is extremely favourable to this cultivation, since the cold allows the fruit to have a slower maturation, which enriches its taste and raises its size.

Another of the advantages of the cold is that it allows a delay in harvesting. So, the distribution of plantations between the lower, hot areas and the mountain areaswhich are colder, allows the extension of the harvest from November to February. meatball machine





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