Philippines: Food firm hopes to replace meat with tuna-banana product
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Sagrex Foods, Inc., maker of microwavable banana and turon for export, has ventured into direct selling of its new line, tuna-with-banana, to help Davao farmers augment their income. Among the products under the tuna-with-banana line are "bola-bola," sausage, "chorizo," ham, patties, hotdog, "longganisa," and "embutido." vegetable cutting machine

The company has tied up with Healthyfood Options Marketing Enterprise, Inc., which will serve as marketing arm, in the venture that seeks to employ banana growers and their families as "home business partners."

Richard C. Torres, chief operating officer of Healthyfood, said tuna-with-banana stocks will be carried in strategic locations by Stocking Home Business Partners, which will buy from the company at 30% less than the regular selling price. The home business partners, meanwhile, can sell the products at P5.00-P10.00 markup per unit, "assuring them of P500 to P1,000 a day income." The project aims at expanding the market of tuna fishermen and cavendish banana farmers while helping small sari-sari stores boost their monthly income by selling nutritious and affordable products, he said. "Tuna with banana is the healthy and affordable alternative to the more expensive meat products that are commonly found in the market today," he said.

Sagrex Foods is already producing and distributing 15,000 packs per week of this product with 15 distributors. Henry Cueno, a representative of Sagrex Foods subsidiary Fermon Corp., said the company supplies raw materials for the tuna and banana processors. These will eventually be processed into various products. He said the project will benefit members, who are fisherfolk and farmers, and their families as their wives and children can help raise more money for their households. vegetable cutting machine

Sagrex started its operations as Southern Agro Export Corp., trading and exporting staple crops and cattle feed in Davao City in January 1980. It later sold foam as cushion for cavendish bananas due for shipment abroad. In 2004, the company tied up with the Department of Science and Technology in Southern Mindanao to extend the shelf life of bananas through blast freezing.

A year later, it started exporting microwavable frozen banana and turon and launched an affiliate company, Sagrex Foods. Ferdinand Y. Mara?on, president of Sagrex Foods, said the ultimate dream has always been to cut into, if not replace, French fries with banana fries, starting in the Philippines. Mr. Mara?on said Filipinos should patronize banana fries instead of imported French fries and do their share in helping the economy. Banana fries, he noted, are very popular among Filipino contract workers and expatriates in the United States and are being sold in most of the 1,000 Asian and Filipino supermarkets in the United States. vegetable cutting machine





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